Golfer Stretching Tips

Stretching is BORING. Why should a golfer bother?

But think about how cool it would be to add yards to your drive! Spank your buds in the next skins game. And stretching is free!

Lack of flexibility will make your swing short and narrow, which reduces the distance on your drive. Stretching becomes WAY less boring if you realize all it can do for you!

You love that look on Cliff’s “alligator hands” face when he has to pull money out of his wallet, right? Plus, when you stretch you reduce the risk of tearing your muscles, which can keep you from playing in the first place.

Stretching exercises for golfers….

1. Triceps & Shoulders2. Pectoralis3. Shoulders
4. Deltoids5. Obliques6. Hand, Wrist & Forearms
7. Glutes8. Hamstrings9. Waist & Torso
10. Calf & Achilles Tendon11. Quadriceps