Gemball Massage

Heather Karr been using golf balls for trigger point massage for a long time. Now she have found using a quartz crystal ball is also awesome! Trigger point massage needs small directed pressure (such as your fingers, thumbs pushed into the muscle knot. Larger balls and stones (such as a tennis ball) are great for compression, but not small enough for the magic of trigger point.

When therapists use stones alone to do this gemball massage it’s a little hard holding the slippery stones. They have to use too much of their hand muscles to grip them, not to mention the pressure on their palm to do this for any length of time. Thats why Heather Karr made the Spaball Massager.

Gemballs are available in different types. The most commonly used gemstones are green jade and rose quartz.

Do the various balls feel different?

Yes! The golf ball’s natural temperature and texture feels the most like the human hand. Often the client can’t distinguish my hand from the golf ball. You can feel the dimples on the golf ball on your hands and feet though!

The crystal and jade ball is MUCH smoother and colder. It is very different than your hand. Almost like water. It’s a remarkable feeling, but it IS obvious you are using something special!