What is a KaddyBACK?

Shortly after she started using her prototype of the SPAball massager and golf ball on her clients, she needed some of that golf ball action on her OWN back. She always put a golf ball in a sock and pressed it into her upper back muscles against a wall, but she wanted something she could use hands-free so that she could get deep pressure in her back while traveling and not waste time hitting a wall to stand.

She developed the KaddyBACK, and not only did it help muscles in her back hands-free, but others wanted one too! She recognized advantages of its ergonomic design, versatility, ease of use, marketing potential for businesses and cost-effective design and finally introduced the SPAball Massager to the public.

GBM Health, Inc. is based on a simple and time-tested philosophy: we all benefit from the health of others and no one should suffer unnecessarily. The patented SPAball Massager and the KaddyBACK are used by professional therapists as well as by home users. The unique cross fiber and trigger point techniques are the “Golf Ball Massage” among Heather’s most popular modalities, and we pride ourselves on offering products and knowledge for your intensive well-being. Massage those hard to reach upper back muscles with a deep penetrating golf ball – HANDS FREE.