Turn your golf ball into a HANDS-FREE deep tissue back massager!

In the office, on an airplane, in the car, it travels everywhere for effective pressure-point therapy ON THE GO.
Allows multi-tasking while in use A unique, inexpensive gift for golfers or anyone with muscles

When you have stress in your upper back, focused pressure applied over certain points may help relieve the pain. Some common areas are illustrated below.

Insert a golf ball and put the KaddyBACK over your shoulder.
Lean against a firm surface to push the ball into tense spots.

For lumbar support while sitting, put one golf ball in each pocket and position on each side of your lower back.

“Many trigger points and muscle spasms are found in hard to reach places, making it impossible to reach without activating your muscles. The KaddyBACK is great for relieving those hard to reach rhomboids passively, getting my patients to become independent faster.”
Dr. Tom Hibbard, DC, Limitless Health Chiropractic, CA

Easily accommodates an embroidery hoop for custom embroidery with your company logo or event.