Kalijn is a wholesale and retail trade in high-quality natural products, care products and massage supplies, located in Mol, in Belgium.

We are convinced that many therapists will be very satisfied that they can offer their clients a new and FANTASTIC depth massage, with very little effort, as well as to protect their hands. And all that with the help of the SPAball Massager !!

a little bit about Kalijn …

Kalijn was founded in 2006 with business manager Guido Van Olmen and his wife Marleen Dierckx. Since November 2014, the company has changed into a VOF and is now managed by Marleen Dierckx and her eldest son Kristof Van Olmen.

The meaning of the name “Kalijn” is “Clean and Pure”. That is what a number of their products stand for, cleansing and purifying the body. Purification, detoxification and deacidification of the body: the guideline for a longer beauty and good health.