Licensed Distributor for EUROPE

We are so happy to announce our new European Golf Ball Massage products distributor, Kalijn. Europeans have been ordering the SPAball Massager (as well as other products from GBM Health, Inc.) SPAball Massager directly from the USA, but now they will be available more quickly and without the expense of shipping and customs fees from the USA. Kalijn is a wholesale and retail company distributing high-quality natural products, personal care products and massage supplies, located in Mol, in Belgium.

“We are convinced that many therapists will be very pleased they can offer their clients a new and FANTASTIC deep massage, with very little effort as well as protecting their hand and that only with the help of the MIRACULOUS SPAball Massager!” says Marleen Dierckx, owner of Kalijn, along with Kristof Van Olmen.

A little about …

Kalijn was launched in 2006 with manager Guido Van Olmen and his wife Marleen Dierckx. Since November 2014, the company changed
to a partnership and is now directed by Marleen Dierckx with her eldest son Kristof Van Olmen. The meaning of the name “Kalijn” is
“Clean and Pure”. That is where some of their products stand for, cleaning and purify the body. Purification, detoxification and de-acidification of the body: your guide for an extended beauty and a good health.

Kalijn is also the right place for beauty salons and therapists for massage supplies: beautiful covers for massage tables, massage oils,
special oils to protect therapist against negative energies. A few years ago Kalijn started with the course of Jade Stone Massage in Belgium. Marleen designed also her own herbal stamps for the herbal stamp massage.

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