Southern California’s Therapist Katie Mitchell’s idea of mixing the Hawaiian massage techniques of Lomi Lomi with the deep techniques of Golf Ball Massage using the SPAball Massager is a huge winner!

Katie, is the therapist and esthetician at Katie’s Skincare located inside The Hair Affair at 484 Mobil Ave, Camarillo, California.

Heather had the pleasure of personally training Katie in the Golf Ball Massage technique but she has put her own creative experience one terrific step further, and Heather had the experience and benefit of her amazing massage! Brilliant!

Her unique technique combines the smooth Lomi Lomi strokes, and rhythm of movement, to make you fade into a very deep relaxation. Lomi Lomi, means “massage therapist” in the Hawaiian language and is a holistic healing tradition beyond a simple massage. It is restorative, stress reducing and rejuvenating.