Triggerpoint massage


A triggerpoint is a knot in your muscle that won’t relax. It’s a specific area IN the muscle. If it relaxes it can decrease the pain in OTHER areas … called the “referred pain” areas. Although the pressure of a tennis or lacrosse ball are nice to use on the upper back muscles they are just too big to work the trigger points. The golf ball is the perfect size and hardness to target the trigger points!

Would you like to know some massage therapist secrets for pain relief?
I thought so! Knowing where some common trigger points are can be super-helpful. There are hundreds of trigger points in your body and when these trigger points have direct and steady pressure applied you can find relief in the muscle, as well as in the referred pain areas. As a massage therapist I use a golf ball to do this!

triggerpoint massage

Just so you know, pushing on a triggerpoint can be a little painful, or you may get some twitching in that muscle. The triggerpoint chart shown here are just a few of my favs. It shows the trigger points (indicated with a golf ball) as well as their referred pain areas (shown in the green). If you have pain in the green area, push and massage the area where the golf ball is.

Now relaxing your muscles knots doesn’t happen overnight! I’m guessing it took some time to get there in the first place, right? Even if your muscles loosen up a bit they can go back to contracting again. Muscles have memory. This is why massage therapists want you to come back to see them more often at first until your muscles can be “trained” to be relaxed, simply put.


Heather Karr, LMT